Riverview Families

We have many activities throughout the year that are geared toward the whole family. Whether it's hanging out on a Friday night for a family friendly movie, enjoying a Tacoma Rainier's game together or collecting candy at our annual Fall Festival. We are here to support families. Check out some of the fun activities we have planned for 2018 and sign up to join in. 

2018 Families events: 


Game Night Community Group 4/28 - Sign up HERE.

Game Night Community Group 5/5 - Sign up HERE.

Game Night Community Group 5/26 - Sign up HERE.






Family Movie Night 4/20 - Sign up HERE.






Tacoma Rainier's Game 5/19 - Sign HERE 







Soccer Camp 6/27 - 6/29 - Sign up coming in June! 

Young Families BBQ 8/5 - Sign up HERE.

Fall Festival 10/28